1. Attendance/Absenteeism

All Students are expected to be prompt and present to every class. Excessive unexcused absences will not be allowed during the course term. MOBI&S will allow three (3) unexcused absences per school semester. If frequent absences continue student final grade and graduating status will be affected and possible dismissal from class.

2. Dress Code –

All students must maintain the best possible appearance at all times. Men must wear a collar shirt with tie and dress pants, no shorts, jeans or t-shirts. Ladies are required to wear a modest dress, no pants and hair should be worn conservatively and neatly groomed.

3. Conduct Code –

Cheating will never be tolerated during examinations. Students are not suppose to jeopardize their souls simply for a passing grade, cheating is just as sinful in the class room as it is in any other area of society. Love, honor and respect must be shown at all times towards members of the faculty as well as the student body, and any one whom is unruly will be dealt with accordingly.

4. Incomplete assignments

All students who have an incomplete on the final day of submission of all course work will be granted an extension of one year to accomplish their assignment for certificate of completion and or conferral of degree. Any student submitting work after the extension are not guaranteed to received their degree and/or certificate; therefore, having to retake the course in its entirety to obtain said achievement. Consequently, forfeiting their ability to obtain refund of tuition and/or paid fees.

  1. Chapel Attendance & Assignment –

It is mandatory that each student attend and participate in chapel services. All students’ attendance will be acknowledged as regular attendance. Students are scheduled and encouraged to participate in chapel services, if it’s through song, scripture showers, prayer, worship leading, ushering, etc.

Scheduled sermon assignments are graded. Therefore all students are required to present a sermon to qualify for conferral of certificate or degree. If the student cannot attend chapel services due to unforeseen circumstances; it is their responsibility to provide an excused notice to their professor. If the student is assigned to bring their chapel assignment and cannot attend the scheduled services then it’s their responsibility to see their professor regarding the necessary arrangements to be rescheduled. The monthly schedule of chapel services will be announced and given to students during the school semester.

  1. Graduation Rehearsal Attendance –

To have a successful graduation preparation is the key event. Therefore it is imperative that all graduating students attend the graduation rehearsals to guarantee such a prospect.