What is your calling?

Choosing a program that matches your calling is important. Before you can choose an appropriate theological program, you need to decide what kind of calling you have?

Success in actually getting into ministry can depend to a large extent on whether an applicant picks the right programs, based on his or her particular ministry goals.

What if I don’t know what I want to do, but I know I want to go to a Bible College or Seminary?

The primary goal should be to find a Bible College/Seminary or an institution that you think fits with you. You need to spend time in prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to direct you to a right school. Choosing the best Seminary is never an easy decision. At Mt. Olive Bible Institute & Seminary, our goal is to help our students becoming effective in the area of ministry that they believe the Lord is calling them.

Our programs are practical and it focuses on equipping our students for effective ministry.

Many Seminaries and Christian Universities have slick marketing and promise the students with their program. At MOBIS our ultimate goal is to help our students to know our Lord Jesus Christ and to grow in their relationship with the Lord. Our primary mandate is not to focus on the academic, but instead to help the student to develop his or her ability to serve others.

Consider these factors when choosing your academic program

What are you interested in? Studying subjects of interest to you means you will be more likely to enjoy your time at the Seminary, be more focused in your learning and potentially achieve higher results.

Where do your strengths lie? Assess your strengths and understand the skills and abilities required by various programs. Choosing a program that aligns with your strengths will increase your likelihood of academic success.

What courses have you done well in? Assess which courses you did well in for high school and university, and look at programs in those subject areas.

Is enrolment in the program limited? Enrolment in some programs is limited and you have to meet standards to gain admittance.