Mt. Olive Bible Institute & Seminary faculty are the academic staff of the Seminary and professors of various ranks, lecturers, and researchers.

The Late Bishop Dr. Randolph Austin, Ph.D.

Dr. Gabriel Austin, Th.D., D.D.
Professor of Evangelism

Dr. Catherine Austin, Th.D., Ph.D.
Vice President
Professor of Bachelor of Theology/
General Bible 1 Day Class

Dr. Gale Forde, C.Ed.D., Th.D., D.D.
Professor of Master of Theology

Dr. Sharon Christian, D.ChPs; Ph.D.
Professor of Doctoral Studies

Dr. Victor Taylor, S.T.D.
Professor of Doctor of Theology

Dr. Joan Hill, Th.D.
Professor of General Bible 2

Dr. Brenda Lyken-Quashie, Th.D.
Professor of General Bible 1

Dr. Annette Austin, Th.D.
Office Administration

Dr. Eileen Anderson, D.ChPs.
Professor of Doctor of Christian Psychology

Dr. Karen Abrams, DRE
Adjunct Professor

Dr. Colleen Marshall, D.ChPs.
Professor of Bachelor of Christian Psychology

Ossining/Paterson Division:

Dr. Joan Whittaker, MLS, Th.D., Ph.D.
Dean of the Ossining Branch/Professor of Evangelism

Min. Margaret Butler

Additionnal Affiliated/Extensions:

Dr. Evarld Lewis, D.Min*

Dr. Daniel Cowans, D.Min, DCC, DD, Ph.D *

Dr. Eric Kazenga, DMin, DRE, Ed.D, Ph.D*