Evangelism: (Prerequisite for Bachelor studies) 18 semester hours 1st Year Study

This one year study is a study of the total church program of evangelism, including personal evangelism, pastoral evangelism and professional evangelism.  The call, qualifications, duties are taught.  An emphasis on the methods, message and means of evangelism along with the life of a spirit filled soul winner is taught. Simplified homiletically studies are reviewed where the principles and techniques of sermon preparation and delivery.   Upon completion of this course with a minimum GPA of 3.0 will grant the student 18 semester hours.


Evangelistic Qualifications and Callings –   ECW101         3hr

Homiletics Theoretic –                                  EHT102          1hr

Practical Application –                                   EPA103          2hr

The Evangelist in Action –                             EIA104           3hr

Personal works with Young People             EPP105           3hr

Principles of Altar work –                              EAW106         3hr

Study of Basic Bible works –                         ESB107           3hr


General Bible I (Prerequisite for Bachelor studies) 30 semester hours 2nd Year Study

In this second year of study, students will concentrate on foundational studies which include Old and New Testament panoramic view of chief events, prominent characters and main themes.  Studies will also include homiletics studies in sermon preparation in theory.  Students will also begin a foundational view of interpreting biblical language in typology and symbols.  At the completion of the second year of study the student should accomplished an additional 30 semester hours leading to an accumulative 48 credits towards their Bachelors degree.

COURSE OUTLINE:                                                             

Old Testament Survey –                               GTS100          3hr

New Testament Synthesis –                         GBN101          4hr

New Testament Synthesis 2 –                      GBN101.1       4hr

Dispensations & Covenants 1 –                     GDC102.1       4hr

Dispensations & Covenants 2 –                     GDC102.2       4hr

Introduction to Typology –                            GIT103           4hr

Study of Typology 2 –                                    GIT103.1        4hr

Homiletics –                                                      GHH104         3hr

General Bible II (Prerequisite for Bachelor studies) 30 semester hours 3rd Year Study          

In this third year of study, student will concentrate on overview of systematic theology along with a comprehensive study of where Christ is found throughout the Bible in hidden language.  Students will also be required to complete their homiletic study by chapel practicum, where special attention will be given to their preparation, structure and delivery.  Introductory studies on Christian ethics will be reviewed along with discussion of personal work.  This course qualifies the students to advance to the final year of study.  The student will have obtained 78 accumulative credits towards their Bachelors degree of choice.

COURSE OUTLINE:              Second Year                                    

Study of Christ in the Scriptures 1 –            GBC101          3hr

Study of Christ in the Scriptures 2 –            GBC101.1       3hr

Predictive Prophesy 1 –                                 GBP102          3hr

Predictive Prophesy 2 –                                 GBP102.1       3hr

Personal Divine Life 1 –                                  GBD103.1       3hr

Personal Divine Life 2 –                                  GBD103.2       3hr

Systematic Theology Level 1                         GBST104.1     3hr

Systematic Theology Level 2                         GBST104.2     3hr

Systematic Theology Level 3                         GBST104.3     3hr

Homiletics Practicum –                                    GBH105          3hr



Christian Counseling/Chaplaincy Studies (Non-credit program)

This study in counseling is a course to prepare any candidate to offer effective counseling with scriptural background techniques.  Strategic topics of study will be examined by student to produce knowledgeable tactics.  Student will also have a practicum in role counseling and lecturing.  Students who registered for Chaplaincy will obtain their licensing certificate and badge upon completion.  All prospective chaplaincy candidates must be an ordained, commissioned or licensed ministerial leader prior to applying for this course.

Note:  This program is not designed to meet any state licensure requirements.

COURSE OUTLINE:                                                             

Basic Concepts in Counseling                                    Personal Issues

Developmental Issues                                                 Interpersonal Issues

Identity Issues                                                              Spiritual Issues

Concise Systematic Theology                                     Christian & Professional Ethics

Public Speaking                                                             Lecture & Role Play

Doctrine of God                                                             Doctrine of Jesus Christ

Doctrine of the Holy Spirit                                           Doctrine of Man



Christian Worker:

Sixteen week study focusing on the vital structure of approach to the inner working of the gospel field.  Understanding the needs of the lost, and the fellow believer; gaining a greater knowledge of spiritual assistance in this field of study.


Personal Work/Essentials                                       Visitation

Working Among the Sick/Backsliders                   Dealing with Sinners


The Book of Revelation

The course is a refresher and in-depth panoramic study of the twenty-two chapters of revelation.   The course will take you through the climax of biblical prophecy of the end times focusing on the present, and future to behold.


An intense study of the qualifications and the skills each leader in the gospel needs to acquire success.  Along with a book study that grants greater insight to the needs of aspiring leaders.




What does Leadership mean?                                     Better Leaders for the Church

How to Sustain High Leadership Morale                   Qualifications of Leaders/Selecting Leaders